Tech Talk: Responsive Web Design

This is the first tech talk that I gave to the Press Democrat Sales team as part of the PD Media Lab in June of 2013. The primary goal this talk was to both to familiarize the sales team with¬†responsive web design and why it’s something we should be selling to all our clients. I also wanted to instill confidence in the Media Lab’s ability to fulfill their client needs in unique and interesting ways. This was also my first opportunity to get in front of the whole sales team and give a presentation. With that in mind, please note that some of the things said here which may seem a little misleading from a very technical point of view, were written and said that way to steer people to where we needed them to be.

I apologize in advance for the quality of the video and the odd cuts, I edited some client specific stuff out that wasn’t really relevant.

The sides used in this presentation are available here: