New Design – Phase 1 – Project Brief

This will be the first in a series of blog posts documenting the process I will use to re-design this website. It won’t go overly in depth as that would take too long to fully document out, but it will hit the highlights and will most likely have some code examples as well. They will all be short quick articles about each step that will publish as they are ready.

Project Brief

Every project needs to start with a brief or scope of work. For this project, it can be a bit more cursory because I’m the only stakeholder. For client work, the brief will need to be much more detailed to encompass everything that might come up during the process. This will usually happen before the quote, as this is the step where you lay out what you will actually be quoting.

Here is the brief I wrote up for this project. It includes all potential data types and services that will need to be considered during the project. It also includes several service specific items that, in client work, would be needed for a proper quote.

The design words section is meant to be a very broad overview of what kind of design that will be created. In most projects, being slightly less specific during the initial communications allows more freedom during the first few design iterations. This won’t work with every client, and will actually cause more headaches with some as they have a very specific idea in their head.