Branding – New Design Phase 2

Now that the framework for the project is figured out, the next step is branding. We’ll start with a color scheme.


For this project I wanted to use a cool pallet with fairly saturated colors that would work well in print as well as on the web.

Several decisions were made here, the most notable of which was not wanting to use blue and orange as those seem to be overused when it comes to web focused companies. There’s nothing wrong with that as those colors work very well on digital screens, but I wanted to go in a different direction. Green and purple work very well together, and this slightly cooler mint color being used as the primary is soft on the eyes, but still bold enough to stand out.


Next step in branding the site is the logo. Instead of making this a full blog post with all of the decisions made, here are the bullet points for what went into the decision.

  • a shape that could fit well in square aspect ratio (favicon / app icon)
  • Not a circle – overused, went with an octagon instead stands out a bit if place next to other circular icons, but still has the clean geometric aesthetic.
  • letters K and B in the icon to speak to the brand of
  • Font for letters should be a bit more fun, not hard lines, nice gradual curves – went with Alize
  • in a nice slab serif next to the icon.

Here is the finished logo, icon by itself and set with the text: Branding Logo Branding Icon Logo

The tilt of the icon was actually just a happy accident. While adjusting the letters and toying with using italics, I accidentally selected the octagon and rotated it. I liked the playful angle and how it leads into the text of the logo, so I kept it. The font for the text is Adele, and was selected as being the cleanest slab serif that looked good in the colors chosen.

The solid 2 tone color scheme of the logo also translates very well to a black or two tone dark grey if needed for other marketing materials.