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Style Guide – New Design Phase 4

In a multi-device world, it makes sense to start building sites in a more modular fashion. Instead of building a site from the top down, Header -> Body -> Sidebar -> Footer, we should be developing systems of stand alone modules that can then be combined into templates. You start with the most basic element… Continue Reading >>

Style Tile for

Style Tile – New Design Phase 3

The idea of the Style Tile is to start solidifying the look and feel you will be going for without needing to do a full-fledged comp. Since this will be a responsive design, moving to the style tile next works as a great in between step before the code stage where we build out our… Continue Reading >> Logo

Branding – New Design Phase 2

Now that the framework for the project is figured out, the next step is branding. We’ll start with a color scheme. Colors For this project I wanted to use a cool pallet with fairly saturated colors that would work well in print as well as on the web. Several decisions were made here, the most… Continue Reading >>

New Design – Phase 1 – Project Brief

This will be the first in a series of blog posts documenting the process I will use to re-design this website. It won’t go overly in depth as that would take too long to fully document out, but it will hit the highlights and will most likely have some code examples as well. They will… Continue Reading >>

start by sketching your web design

Web Design Guidelines

I was working on modifying my web design process and thought I’d share some of my musings. I’ve also had this in draft status for about 3 months now with only minor changes, so I figured it’s time to pull the trigger. Pre-Design I don’t consider this stage part of the actual design. It includes… Continue Reading >>

Alexa metrics and small business

Everybody wants to be the best. If there’s a way to show that you are better than someone else, most people will do it. While they may not gloat or rub it in, they will make sure that everyone is well aware that they are the best, and here’s the proof. When it comes to… Continue Reading >>

Tech Talk: Responsive Web Design

This is the first tech talk that I gave to the Press Democrat Sales team as part of the PD Media Lab in June of 2013. The primary goal this talk was to both to familiarize the sales team with responsive web design and why it’s something we should be selling to all our clients. I… Continue Reading >>

Welcome to Kyle Breckenridge’s website

I’ll be using this as a mix of personal and professional postings and will probably eventually migrate this to a portfolio site with a small personal blog section for the very few people who care. Currently it’s just using the base 2013 theme, but I’ll be updating it with a custom designed theme of my… Continue Reading >>